Strategic partnership between Marcuard Family Office and adbodmer


Marcuard Family Office and adbodmer agree on a strategic partnership. Henceforth, adbodmer supports Marcuard Family Office with direct investments in Swiss SMEs, while adbodmer’s customers have easier access to Marcuard Family Office’s range of services.

From a single source

Both companies are owner-managed and committed exclusively to their customers. Their range of services and expertise are complementary.

The partnership enables the two companies to offer direct investments, M&A, the management and monitoring of liquid investments, the management and development of real estate investments, project management as well as tax and succession planning from a single source.

The customers of  Marcuard Family Office and adbodmer benefit from synergies between the two companies. New and existing customers gain access to a broader, complementary range of services from experienced teams.


Marcuard Family Office is an independent multi-family office. Since its foundation in 1998, the company with currently 27 employees serves and accompanies a limited number of wealthy families in a comprehensive and long-term manner.

adbodmer ag

adbodmer ag was founded in 2001 and since then has specialized in actively and comprehensively supporting wealthy families in the areas of direct investment, investment management and M&A transactions. Today the company employs 4 people.



Marcuard Family Office Ltd.

Theaterstrasse 12 8024 Zürich

Telefon 043 344 6000


adbodmer ag

Seestrasse 227 8810 Horgen

Telefon 043 344 9424